Research Projects

Horizon Digital Economy Hub. Horizon is an RCUK interdisciplinary Digital Economy research hub located at the University of Nottingham. The hub explores the potential for Ubiquitous Computing to impact a future digital economy.  The hub explores a range of research projects in the Creative Industry, Energy and domestic settings. A particular emphasis is how the growing contextual footprint generated by us all might be used and what are the societal and ethical considerations involved. (more details).

ORCHID is a collaborative endeavour with the University of Oxford and Southampton  exploring how we might relate to software systems as computation increasingly pervades the world around us. Human and software agents will increasingly establish a range of collaborative relationships to human-agent collectives (HACs) to meet their individual and collective goals. Orchid seeks to explore the principes needed to build and understand these system with a particular focus on Energy and Disaster Response.  (more details).

Open Food is  collaborative project with the University of Brunel links is an ICT in manufacturing cluster exploring design and develop a new crowd sourced food. The challenge to be addreesed is how we might crowd source concepts surrounding food including taste and texture from the general public to inform the design of new food products. (more details)

Desimax is a joint research project with the University of Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Heriot Watt explore the way in which digital technologies can be used to promote demand reduction and support demand side management. The project adopts an end to end systems approach seeking to understand and model the various elements of the large scale socio-economic technical systems . (more details).

Creating the Energy for Change  investigates the ways in which energy might be represented to users in shared building to motivate the occupants to reduce consumption. The project will explore how to develop representations that are fun and engaging and the effectiveness of these in different shared building settings. (more details).

Scaling the Rural Enterprise is a collaboration with Imperial, the  Centre for Technology and Development in New Delhi, Swansea University, IIT Bombay, NISTADS in New Delhi. The project will explore how new technologies might be exploited to support the next generation of rural enterprises.  This work will focuses on both UK and India communities  allowing them to drive the shaping of the technologies involved. (more details).

The Challenge of Widespread Ubiquitous Computing is a platform award supporting the work of the  MRL in extending our views of ubiquitous computing in the real world.  A particular emphasis is on undertaking adventurous ubiquitous computing experiences ‘in the wild’. The project has provided the stimulus for a range of new initiatives within the lab.